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Pi-F5 specification
Pi-F5 specification_m.jpgPi-F5 shematic specification.
Mega-F5 Specification
Mega-F5_specification_m.jpgMega-F5 shematics specification.
Uno-F5 specification
Uno-F5_specification_m.jpgUno-F5 shematic specification. Input signals up to 9V.
Uno-F and Uno-T boards in catalog
Uno-F_i_Uno-T.jpgUno-F and Uno-T boards are finished and you can make order. We prepare program samples in separate group under the PROGRAMMING SCHOOL Arduino Uno-F/T.
Maker_Faire_Zagreb.jpgOn fair we will shaw new products for Arduino ( Uno-F and Uno-T ) and for Raspberry ( Pi-F and Pi-T ). We will shaw different models with this boards.
Arduino UNO - Uno F shild for Fischertehnik
Uno_F_prvi.jpgShild for Arduino UNO. Outputs for 4 x DC motor or 8 x light. Supply voltage for OUTPUTS are same as power supply voltage or BATTERY voltage. INPUTS 6 x analog/digital (A0 -A5) and 2 x digital (12 and 13). Connectors for TX and RX, 5V and 3.3V output power, and BATTERY input power supply.
micro:bit IO F5 board - POWER connector for fischertehnik POWER adapter
ROB00139.jpgBoard with POWER connector for fischertehnik POWER adapter 3.5/1.3 mm ( 505287 - 220V ).
micro:bit IO T5/F5 board
Interface description (T5/F5) with connectivity options. All sensors with a MAX output voltage up to 5V can be connected to the inputs. You can use all Fischertehnik sensors except Ultrasound. The 9V power supply sensors are connected directly to the battery or (if the adapter is used) to the battery input. Output power works only when the interface is connected to a battery or adapter. Micro:bit can be programmed even when it is connected only via USB cable.
COMBI SENSOR - akcelerator / gyro / compass (I2C - BMX055)
Kombi_senzor.jpgThe new combined sensor connects to the TXT interface connector. Program control via I2c bus. Look under Parts / Electricity last item. The control functions are located in the library I2C - BMX055 (RoboPro 4.2.3).