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RoboBUBI 2.0 - ANDROID tablet / phone / supplement program 1
Ekran1.jpgThe RoboBUBI 2.0 program (advanced version) can be downloaded free of charge using the downlink. Along with the program are all examples that are covered in the instructions (35). The program works on all standard resolutions except XXHDPI (very high resolution - in operation). Tested at 800x480, 1024x768,1024x600, 1280x800 and close resolutions eg 1280x700. Copy the program to STICK and use the EXPLORER program to start the installation. You can find the instructions for copying in the instructions.
Program RoboBUBI 2.0 for ANDROID 4.0 and higher(3 Mb)
Program samples (35 programs from manual )(5 Kb)
bubi/datoteke/PROGRAMI RoboBUBI_v11a.rar
Program RoboBUBI for PC - Windows OS
Win003.jpgYou can download the RoboBUBI Interface Programming Kit on PC (PC) from the page that is located in the link. The kit contains the program and examples discussed in the instructions (for ANDROID version). The package is only unpacked and does not need to be installed. The program does not need to be installed. Just fold it into the folder as desired and the program is ready to work. If you want to link to "Desktop", copy "Shortcut" to Desktop. You can choose between two versions of the program. NET Framework 3.5 is installed on Win 7, so you can use version 3.5 for NET. Win XP in the original installation does not have a NET Framework installed, so you need to check if you have one of the required versions (3.5 or 4.0) installed. You can check it by looking at the program list which are installed (Control Panel / Uninstall Program - Microsoft .NET Framework XXX). You also need to install a USB-COM port driver. The links are at the end of the page. Programs for ANDROID (tablet) and PC are identical. Programming instructions are the same for ANDROID and PC version of the program. Examples of programs that are discussed in the instructions are contained in the folder programs. You can exchange programs between PC and ANDROID versions. We have not yet been able to fully investigate the program, so mistakes are possible. We recommend that you save the stubs complex program, so that it would not be lost if the program breaks. All your work program information is welcome.
Program RoboBUBI 2.0 - for PC (NET frame. 3.5) (1.5 Mb)
bubi/datoteke/PC_RoboBUBI 2.0_NET_3.5.zip
Program RoboBUBI 2.0 - for PC (NET frame. 4.0) (1.5 Mb)
bubi/datoteke/PC_RoboBUBI 2.0_NET_4.0.zip
COMPASS - sensor
Read data from COMPASS sensor. The sensor is plugged into the I2C extension plug.
Example of a program for controlling the operation of ULTRASONIC sensors connected to the I2C extension connectors.
RoboBUBI - program - tracks the line
An example program (one version) for a robotic cart. The robot tracks the line with two IR sensors that are connected to the I2C inputs on the expansion card. One input has a value of 1 and the other is 2.
RoboBUBI - programming BUBI interface
An example of writing a tablet's light control program using the RoboBUBI program. The program agrees with the selection of the icon and entering a certain value (number of motors, lights ...). The video example shows a porogram that lights up and throws light 1 with a 250 millisecond pause and repeats it five times. The program is recorded in the interface memory and can be started even without tablets.